Support for Windows 7


IMBA Professional Plus is now compatible with 64 bit versions of the Windows operating systems (Vista, XP and Windows 7).

You will, however, need to have IMBA version 4.1 or above.

The latest version of IMBA can be downloaded from this site here

If when you are installing IMBA on a Win7 machine you receive an InstallShield  message saying “Unable to save file… bal bla.msi then just chose ok and choose a folder to store this temporary file.  Note than some computers do not allow you to save this file on the root [C:] directory.


If you experience the message “Unexpected error” when you click the launching IMBA icon then try the following:


1.            Click the Start button

2.            In "Start Search" type cmd

3.            The command (cmd) icon should now show up under the programs at the top of the start menu

4.            Right-click on the command icon

5.            Select "Run as Administrator"

6.            Go to the imba.exe directory (At the prompt, type: cd X:Jabasoft\IMBAEXUS, where X is your installation drive, e.g. C)

7.            Type imba.exe /regserver <enter>

8.            Now try running the application normally again (e.g., double-click the IMBA icon on the desktop).


Other problems may be solved by selecting an XP compatibility mode.


Although the latest version of IMBA Professional Plus is compatible with 64 bit operating systems, some of the older installation packages may not be. For example, the AddOn setup program that deploys the addtional radionuclide bundles (AddOns 13,14 and 15) was updated in March 2010 to make it compatible with 64 bit Windows operating systems. Consequently, users with versions of the program that precede this date will not be able to use it to deploy these AddOns when they migrate their IMBA installation to 64 bit windows. A workaround for this is to first install IMBA on the 64 bit target machine using the IMBA install program, and then to copy the entire IMBA directory from an existing 32 bit installation and use it to overwrite the IMBA directory on the 64 bit machine.

Another workaround for users experiencing technical difficulties installing IMBA on a Windows 7 machine is to download and install the Microsoft XP virtual machine ("Windows XP mode"), and then install and use IMBA in that. XP mode can be obtained as a free download from Microsoft and works with 32 or 64 bit Windows 7 Professional:


If your problems are not resolved, then please contact the IMBA team here.


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