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Global Dosimetry Ltd

is a new company, working together with Public Health England to promote the distribution of the IMBATM software and provide appropriate support and training. Its director, Prof Alan Birchall is a world expert in internal dosimetry and was the original architect of the internationally acclaimed IMBA software. He has had extensive involvement in the field of model development for ICRP, model implementation on computers, and extensive experience with major epidemiological dosimetry studies worldwide. The aim of the company is to provide a first class service in any aspects of internal dosimetry as well as consultancy, advice and training.

Company registration number 9378582

Company D-U-N-S 22-057-6176

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me.jpgRegistered Address:

1 Macdonald Close


Oxon OX11 7BH

United Kingdom

Prof Alan Birchall



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